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Software for the business of sign-making

SignLab is a product designed to help the professional sign-writer create signs and posters of any type. Easily and quickly produce signage of the highest quality on a huge range of Vinyl Cutters and Digital Printers. SignLab represents the pinnacle of sign software in the world today. Sign Essentials are the Queensland distributor of SignLab products and have proudly provided SignLab sales and support since the product's conception in the early 90's.

Signlab 8 offers a rich range of user friendly production tools giving customers flexibility to perform tasks like: "In shop" printer profiling, requiring only a desk top color scanner; Text creation with pre-filled fonts and built in printing effects such as soft shadows, chrome and bevels; PDF workflow tools for Importing, Editing, Exporting and Emailing PDF files.

Which SignLab Suits You?

SignLab Vinyl
SignLab Vinyl is a strongly featured design and production sign software for vinyl cutting only. Suitable for the shop where designer's duties are split between design and sign assembly.  Every feature for vinyl cut signage is included in this package including the full weld tools and colour vectorisation.

SignLab VinylPro
SignLab VinylPro is a fantastic sign design and production software for vinyl cutting and print design. Suitable for professional level sign shops that have significant production volumes of vinyl cut signage and printing of signs.  It includes all the tools from Vinyl, plus many tools for designing printable artwork including fading shadows, colour blends and over 75 special effects plug in tools.

SignLab Print & Cut
SignLab Print & Cut is the sign industry's only enterprise-level design and production software for sign printing and vinyl cutting. This package includes all the features from VinylPro, along with some advanced colour management tools and an inbuilt RIP package.

Feature Comparison

General Features
Print & Cut
Windows 2000, XP, Vista Support
OLE: insert object and convert to native
Multiple instances
Improved import/export filters including PSD, PS (export)
Link EPS, DCS-EPS files (PhotoShop channels)
PDF import, link, publish and edit
Automatic presentation templates
Clip-art viewer
Grids and guides (vertical, horizontal, angled), lock guides
Multiple undo/redo and undo navigator
Pre-load color vinyl libraries/modify
Built in TWAIN support
Scaling, sizing, fitting, alignment, flip
Job notes / statistics
Lock/unlock graphics for editing
E-mail proofs
Publish PDF with colour matching
AGFA ColorTune color management - -
Eye One Colorimeter support - -

Design Tools
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
Parametric shapes tool (stars, circles, rectangles, fan, arrows)
Graphics create / edit
Ginsu knife
Clip-art & decorative borders
Rulers and dials
Monument shapes

Cutting Tools
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
Cut Preview
Updated cutter drivers (150+)
Plot spooling
Interactive tiling / paneling for printing and cutting
Cut time estimator
Cut sorting
Tool tracker
Power weed
Contour cut with auto bleed
Multi cut passes for thick materials
Send and receive cut files across network
Production queue supports multiple cutters on mutliple ports
Auto schedule and archive cut files
Cut contour lines in linked EPS & PDF files - -
Halfcut, automated decal maker - -

Text Tools
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
WYSIWYG text layout (horizontal / vertical)
Font detective
Insert Symbol
Text to arc
1100+ fonts & TrueType and Corel font support
Spell checker
Fit text to path
Font creator
Auto kerning
Upper / lower / proper case control
Text compression
Copy / apply text attributes
Multiple text selection
Embed fonts with saved native files
Postscript and URW font support
Support for pre-filled printing fonts -
Interactive kerning

Special Effects (vector images & text)
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
Create and edit strokes & vary stroke by scale factor
Image cut
Automatic striping
Inline / outline
Shadows : perspective, cast, drop, block
Distortions / special effects
Chisel effect
Multi-colour gradient fills - process colours -
Retain object fills after welding
Save pattern fills to palette -
Fantastic fills library -
Apply "plug-in" effects to text and graphics -

Power Tools
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
Badge maker: auto substitute objects with serialisation
Digitising Support
Centreline tracing
Accuscan: B/W vectorisation
Colour vectorisation
Vectorisation Wizard - -
Instant Replay
Registration Marks
Dimensioning, measure and add labels
Clipping / masking
Fit object to path
Fuse weld
Colour welds
Convert stroke to cut outlines
Constant stroke stretching
Auto trap overlapping objects with bleed / choke
Supersize image, interpolate image while maintaining sharpness

Bitmap Tools
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
Link bitmaps
Transform bitmap
Bitmap select (lasso, marquee, magic wand)
B&W bitmap edit
Colour bitmap edit
Texture and pattern bitmap fills -
Filters (blur, emboss, lighten, sharpen, invert, red-eye) -
Colour adjustment tools & colour sampler (eye dropper) -
Complete bitmap editing application integrated with SignLab - -
Over 75 special effects plug-in filters (Eye Candy™, Richard Rosenman™, Harry's Filters™, Redfield™) -

Sign Printing Tools (featuring Visual Production Manager)
Feature SignLab
Print & Cut
PostScript 3 compatible RIP - -
Multiple queues and printers simultaneously - -
Easy access queue tabs - -
Printing and pending job organiser - -
Automatic or manual tiling - -
Image in media placement view - -
Send and receive print and cut files across a network - -
Job archiving, scheduling - -
Hot folder support for cross platform printing - -
RIP and print multiple jobs simultaneously - -
Direct print & cut from Photoshop, Corel, AI, Quark, etc - -
Auto nest prints - -
Preview raw print data, pixel by pixel, for each colour channel  - -
Contour cutting on hybrid print & cut devices - -
Decal mode - RIP once, print many - -
Link TIFF / EPS / DCS-EPS / PDF files, substitute custom colours - -
Apply halftones and underbase to individual bitmaps and line art - -
LPT, Firewire, TCP/IP, USB support - -
Bi-cubic resampling - -
Scale, mirror, invert, rotate and print job - -
Soft proofing - -
ICC profile support - -
RIP CMY, CMYK, Hex, CMYKLcLm, Hex & LcLm - -
Create new printer profiles from scanner and ICC profile generator - -